What’s On the Menu?

Almost every day June will have the traditional rice and beans dinner, with your choice of chicken or beef. It is usually served with potato salad and plantain.

Here is a list of what might be offered on a certain day of the week. These are always subject to availability of the foods, and there may be others or something different. There is a chalk board in front to give the current information about the offerings.

  • Monday — Beef soup
  • Tuesday — Curried chicken, split-peas and pig tail, dumplings
  • Wednesday — Boil up – vegetables from the ground
  • Thursday — Beef soup
  • Friday — Fish filet and whole fish
  • Saturday — Some type of soup, like maybe oxtail or cow’s foot
  • Sunday — Spare ribs

And of course, June is famous for her breakfasts, which you can get anytime she is open.

June loves to have a variety of choices for her customers, and is happy to tell you what she has in the kitchen that you might like. Just ask! She could have a vegetable salad, a macaroni salad, or a vegetable slaw.

Here is a gallery of some of the offerings at June’s Kitchen.

If you want an order of homemade bread, rolls or buns, put your order in by Friday, she bakes bread on Saturday. You can usually pick it up mid-morning. Both whole wheat and white bread are available.

June is happy to provide food in quantity and food “to go” is always available.

Call to ask what’s on the menu or to put in your order. 422-2559.


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